Costantino Residence

The Costantino Residence project was an extensive renovation of an existing 3,500sf mid-century modern residence built in the late 1950s in a historic section of Narragansett, Rhode Island. The renovation had three main goals: give the house an updated, modern look tailored to the clients' style and to provide a distinct presence amongst the context of historic 19th-century house; provide solar shading at key locations; and address a number of water and moisture infiltration issues of the original design that have taken their toll through the years. The solution was to add specifically designed varying-depth overhangs to address sun angles during the summer months, provide better control of roof water, and accentuate the angular roof lines of the house. A natural, sealed Cumaru wood rain screen siding system was used to give a warm, natural, and modern look.  The natural Cumaru rain screen system was also chosen to acknowledge the extensive use of natural wood siding in historic coastal New England architecture as well as to provide the breathability and durability to the exterior envelope needs in a harsh coastal environment