Southfield Retail

This 11,860 SF retail building will be part of the 792, 686 SF Traveler Tower complex in Southfield, Michigan, which is the third-largest Multi-Tenant office property in metropolitan Detroit.

The project is designed not only to complement the existing complex but also to enhance its image. The idea behind the design is to utilize part of the existing designated parking area which exceeds code requirements to insert a new program.

The design concept differs from the common theme architecture used in most of the retail complexes in the area.

Detroit is metonym for American Automobile Industry, which propelled the largest economic and population growth for the city.

The concept for the building was to relate to the Automobile Industry which was the catalyst for the development of Southfield. An image of a vehicle speeding to the point of fading is translated into a contemporary building that meets the client’s wish to express change, upscale shopping and progress. The resulting design essentially contrasts with the image of urban decay, vanishing population and economic decline that has dominated Detroit for so long.